Non Profit

The knowledge of the specific tax benefits and of the taxation of “non-profit” entities is the key element for their efficient administration. “Non-profit” entities are subject to specific and complex tax- and labour law provisions that may be successfully managed only by specialized professionals.

Our experience that spaces from the consultancy to religious entities to the consultancy of the Third sector Entities (i.e. former to ONLUS performind socially protected activities), as well as to other non-profit entities, allows our Firm to offer a quality and price-effective service to clients.

  • Constitution of “non-profit” entities including the Third Sector entities and Foundations

  • “Non-profit” and Third Sector Entties

    • tax consultancy;
    • labour law consultancy;
    • FS and related cocuments consultancy
    • Accounting services
    • Pay-roll service.

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