The Firm offers advice on VAT and income taxes to medium-sized international and national companies and individuals, with particular reference to German- and English-speaking clients.

International and foreign companies operating in Italy need to maximize existing tax benefits and navigate through complex tax regulations.

Our Firm offers professional advice oriented to the client who, on request, can cover multiple jurisdictions. This characteristic underlines the Firm’s ability to offer specific, pragmatic and punctual advice typical of international Firms.

The globalization of the financial markets has accentuated the need to recover the withholding taxes on bonds and government bonds interest held by non-residents levied by Italian banking intermediaries over the limits set forth by the Treaties against and Double Taxation stipulated by Italy.

In said context, our Firm has a consolidated experience in assisting non-residents in the recovery, at the Pescara Operations Center, of the withholding taxes suffered on the interest income of Italian bonds and government bonds exceeding the limits established by the Treaties against Double Taxation stipulated by Italy.

With rference to the VAT, the Firm is specialized in advising non-resident VAT and assimiliated subjects that perform taxable transactions in Italy and that, upon the occurrence of specific conditions, shall apply for VAT odentification in in Italy or appoint a tax representative and in the management of the related taxation.

The Firm is also specialized in the VAT taxtion of triangular Inter-european and chain transactions.



The market globalization and the European business integration have increased the need to recover VAT paid in Italy by VAT EU resident subjects.

In said contest, our Firm has accrued a consolidated expertise in consulting and assisting foreign VAT subjects in absolving the VAT obligations set forth by Italian law.

“VAT identification in Italy of non-resident tax subjects resident in the EU”

“VAT monthly/quarterly liquidations”

“Administration of direct VAT identifications in Italy”

“VAT periodic Internet payments”

“VAT accounting”

“Preparation and submission of VAT returns”

“Assistance to VAT reimbursements”

“Appointment of VAT representatives in Italy”

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